IMG_0174Chisago City, Minnesota. December 1st 2017.  Today, the President and CEO of the Twin Cities based Lemon Water Salon and Spa chain announced he is stepping down from operational control of the company.  The position will be filled by Co-directors Terri Volkenant and Jennifer Koranda.  “I believe the companies are really ready to take it to the next level of growth”, said Herreid. “My job has always been primarily the architect and main builder.  Now that is nearing completion, it’s time for the next generation to take over.”  Herreid is also the President and CEO of Kendall Howard, a manufacturer of computer related furniture and fixtures in Chisago City, Minnesota as well the owner of IHG and its affiliate companies.

About Lemon Water:

The first Lemon Water Salon location was purchased by Lemon Water Holdings in 2009 and has had a  record sales and growth year every year since its acquisition.  “It took us a few times to experiment with colors and layouts, fixtures and designs, but we are very excited about how the stores have evolved.” Herreid went on to say.  Lemon Water Salon’s White Bear Township location has over 2500 square feet of salon and spa retail space with an additional 1500 square feet slated to be added sometime in 2018.  The group also has their largest store in Eden Prairie, Minnesota just south of the Eden Prairie Mall. This store boasts 6000 square feet, six dedicated spa rooms, a full men’s and women’s locker room and 18 cutting chairs. The Eden Prairie location has been undergoing a complete top to bottom remodel for the last year and is nearing completion.

About the New Team:

Volkenant will be focusing on finance, marketing, and outside staff training while Koranda will be heading up the day to day operations and internal resource training.  “The dynamic that these incredible ladies bring to the table is going to be amazing. They are so strong in opposite areas, that complement each other, it’s like hiring one director with 100 years of experience.“ When asked if it was hard to walk away from a company he had started from virtually nothing, Herreid said; “We have worked so hard to get them to where they are and I want to be there to help, but you know you have to stand back and let them fly.  I am excited to see what they can do but I will always be here to advise and coach whenever they need it.”

About Terri Volkenant:

For the last seven years, Terri Volkenant has been the Executive Assistant to Randy Herreid. “Randy has been a great mentor to me.  He has taught me the intricacies of virtually every department he has overseen. How business runs day to day as well as year over year.  But most importantly, he has taught me how to always look five steps ahead.”  said Volkenant.  Ms Volkenant has been involved in almost every acquisition and major project that IHG has been involved in. “He has really helped me to look at business as a big community where every individual is critical to its existence not just the people at the top.” Contact Terri at

About Jennifer Koranda:

For the last six years, Jennifer Koranda has played many roles within the Lemon Water organization.  From front desk lead, training coordinator, and store management to Executive Assistant to Executives in the organization, Koranda has played critical roles into its operations and growth. “I am very excited to play this part in the companies continued growth. The last six years have allowed me to experience every success and challenge that the companies have experienced. These experiences have helped to shape who I am as a manager and how  I see the future of Lemon Water.” Contact Jennifer at

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